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The indoor golf center Kapitol, provides the following devices:

Putting Green

36 square meters large space with a professional artificial turf designed specifically for perfect putting.

Driving Range

6 special ranges for training and perfection of your swing with a professional launch pad and electronic capture device.

Golf simulator Golf Blaster 3D

GolfBlaster 3D gives players a fantastic feel of the game, thanks to a perfect three-dimensional views of golf courses. For their interpretation is used the most advanced 3D technology. Each part of the course is modeled with the maximal care. Not just 3D terrain but each of embedded object is also three-dimensional. This is not just about trees, shrubs, clubhouse, houses, benches, rocks but also for statues or other objects on the golf course.

GolfBlaster 3D uses 3D physics calculations that provide a realistic interpretation of the path of the ball during its flight, and after its landing on the pitch. Ball interactions whit a ground or other objects and also when ball hits the water, or its impact on the obstacle are calculated in a very sophisticated manner. GolfBlaster 3D physical model emphasizes for the credibility and compliance physics inside a golf simulator were indistinguishable from the known physics of the real world.

Golf lockers

22 specially designed lockers for storage not only golf equipment, but also personal things.


You can buy alcoholic and soft drinks or snacks in our nice and modern Bar. Bar also includes 6 tables with 24 seats, where you can relax and enjoy your drinks.

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